Never underestimate the power of a Referral.

Long before we had the internet at our disposal, clinics largely relied on patients referral and word of mouth to generate sales. Of course, there were other methods to acquire customers/patients, but in this post, we are solely discussing the wonders of referral and how you can start making money using this strategy right now.



It’s no secret people love to talk, god knows I do. It is entwined in the very fabric of our social structure. With that being said, it’s no secret people love to talk about themselves. There is nothing wrong with that, it’s just the way it is.



So it’s fair to say, a person who has undergone treatment would be inclined to discuss their experience with their acquaintances? This is news worth sharing as it is not every day someone has a procedure done.



By reason of assumption, the person who is conversing would have a similar interest given they’re in the same social circle. This means they would be ideal customer prospects for any clinic or surgery.


So, in essence, referrals are when your customers market on your behalf. Why is this valuable you may ask? See, when someone suggests a place or a treatment to a friend they are putting their credibility on the line. If anything is to go wrong, it’s on them. So essentially, clinics are then leveraging the relationship of both parties to help acquire new customers.


You see, when someone provides a recommendation and the other person accepts it, this helps solidify the bond of their relationship as they have now demonstrated trust and worth in their recommendation. Are you still with me?


So to simplify this even further, referrals are as much about the referrer and the referred and the strengthening of their relationship, as it is about the clinic itself. This is powerful and one of the most valuable ways to acquire new leads. And the best part, it’s free!


Many customers/patients are quite happy to refer a place to their friends, colleagues or family if they were happy with the service received but often lack a credible system to make the referral process easy and organic.


Now that you know why referrals carry so much weight and why they are considered the best lead followed closely by an inbound enquiring lead. Let’s get into the system itself.


Here is how we encourage our clients to implement it which produces the best results.


So how does this system work?


1. First off, the clinic owner needs to create business cards. This is inexpensive and effective. Have these cards made with branded material and have a section which you can write a patient’s information on – Name, email address, phone etc (important to have this information on your database to credit the referrer)
2. When a customer completes his/her treatment and is leaving the premises (make sure they are happy first), give them a card and write their information on the back of it. Explain to them, if they give this to a friend and they come into the clinic and redeem this voucher, they will receive something in return (incentive for best results) i.e $100 off first botox injections, $500 off if big treatment i.e breast augmentation, liposuction etc.
3. Get the existing customer to give to their friends or family the card and inform them to present this when they enter your clinic (You can also give the new customer an incentive if you wish)
4. When the new customer presents the card in the clinic and once they pay for their treatment, the person whose details are on the back, receive the credit amounted to their account. You repeat the process with that customer and hope they bring in someone new also.




Ideal for first-time customers.
Include before and after picture to really show the amazing results.
Email the voucher to clients and let them send to a friend digitally to increase reach.
Do not limit one use per person.


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