Give the special treatment!

As a clinic owner, you have a certain obligation to provide a certain standard of care and customer experience. Most clinics operate in a way that will meet the acceptable standards but never exceed them.

The reality is that clinics and surgeries that go above and beyond for their customer’s experience, have the best retention rates and returning customers.

The best thing about aesthetic medicine is their patients are never sick. This gives clinic owners the opportunity to ethically encourage customers to return. This allows for increased customer lifetime value.

One can assume the likelihood that a person who has a treatment to better their appearance today will also want to improve themselves months or years down the line.

For this reason, it is paramount that customers/patients experience the ‘special treatment’ when they’re at your facility.

So how exactly do you provide an above and beyond experience?

Clinics vary in what they provide but some of our most successful clients we work with use some or most of the following tips

1. Always, refer to the customer/patient by their name, a person’s name is the most beautiful sound they can possibly hear so use it.

2. Be super attentive to customers/patient when they come. It is amazing how many clinics show little interest in their clientele. Offer to take their jacket, offer water, herbal tea or coffee at the very least.

3. Provide healthy snack options for customers as they wait. Some simple nibbles will make a good impression on clientele. If you can stand out in any way, do it.

4. Offer free samples when applicable. People love free gifts no matter how insignificant. This applies in the same sense as complimentary snacks. There’s a reason hotels leave chocolates on the pillow.

5. Never have the customer/patients wait more than 5 minutes. People have become super impatient and entitled and do not expect to wait. If there is a delay, offer a short head massage in the next room or a simple facial if the client has no makeup on. This turns a negative into a positive and will keep them returning and increasing the likelihood of a referral.

6. Nowadays, everyone has a smartphone, so the days of waiting room magazines are long gone. Plus, this is not optimising valuable time to promote additional services. While you have a customer/patient in your facility, you should maximise efforts to showcase the range of treatment your clinics offer. As mentioned before, this is not going to work if you provide this in magazine form but an IPAD, on the other hand, works wonders. Have a tablet device in the waiting room with available treatments in a sales page format. (Not too salesy but definitely promote while you have an ideal customer in your premises) This will spike interest and increase returning patients

7. Offer incentivized referrals to encourage customers to leverage their relationship to bring in new customers. Make them feel special by offering an ‘exclusive’ bonus for doing do. Learn more here


Worth mentioning: The type of special treatments range from establishment to establishment. What works for some may not work for others. Use your own judgment but definitely bare these suggestions in mind. My goal is to get you thinking and come up with something creative and out of the box. Stand out from the competition and have some fun with this and your clients. People love novelty.


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