To survive and thrive in the next 5 years, all Aesthetic Clinics and pratices need to adjust their Sales Process or get left behind.

Apex Aesthetics is the online training program for Cosmetics & Aesthetic Practices needing to explode their businesses by 120% – 180% Month-On-Month.

Consulting and selling for Aesthetic Clinics has always been done in a certain way, however, right now it’s becoming far more challenging for you, in this digital age. The standard model is outdated. The Clinics and Hospitals that are thriving are adjusting to this shifting trend.

The majority of Marketing Agencies and Consultants jump between industries while Gareth has specialised in one to understand the exact challenges these clinics encounter every single day. Without specialising, it’s difficult to exceed Sales targets MOM.

The Apex Aesthetics Online Program is designed to recession-proof your practice and position you way ahead of the ever-increasing competition. This training goes over everything from Customer-Acquisition to Referral-Marketing as well as training staff to convert inbound leads and instantly increase your Conversion Rate.

This program is easy to follow, a step-by-step interactive training where you can learn to run proven advertising campaigns, and it’s as simple as installing pre-designed campaigns and Clicking-Enter.

Gareth had an incredible number of requests from his Clients to teach and equip their clinic’s employees with the tools needed to hit and exceed Sales Targets & KPI’s – without having to pay expensive Sales & Marketing consultants to be on-site.

That’s exactly why the goal is to allow you access to top-quality Marketing Consulting at a fee that will give a positive ROI. 

At Melia Marketing, Gareth spends over 60K on training and testing each year so you don’t have to. Members will have access to an industry-leading consultant and well as a Data-Driven marketing team for a one-time payment which is less than one month’s marketing budget.

As part of this course, members will have access to a private Facebook group and portal where weekly Q&A’s are held and as well as new content releases on the latest strategies, techniques and best practices. 

To learn more right now, check out this video where is goes in-depth on what you can expect.


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