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Melia Offers More Than Logo Design

Branding is much more than a logo… in fact, branding signifies pretty much every single aesthetic attribute that will come to be associated with your brand. This includes your logo, the design of your website, the font you use, the color of the background, the color of the text, etc. If this list slightly overwhelms you… you’re not alone! Understanding all of the aspects that go into proper branding can be a little bit more than some companies are prepared for… which makes the services of a proactive marketing and design firm something that many companies won’t want to be without!


Melia Is Your Answer for a Custom Branding Guideline

At Melia, we’ll design the look of your digital brand from the inside out… that means everything from the design of your logo to the look of your website’s font. You don’t need to be alone, and Melia is the perfect accessory to guarantee that your company has a cohesive and extravagant aesthetic vision that will truly stand out amongst the competition!

Some of the many things that Melia can offer your business include:



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As you can see, the package that Melia is able to offer your company is more inclusive than the average, and is the perfect tool to totally overhaul the current aesthetic limitations of your business! Everything that we design will be created with the other attributes in mind, which means that you’ll be getting a totally cohesive re-imagining of your business’s entire outlook! The aspects we design for you can be carried over and utilized in any other field you partake in, meaning the gift that Melia gives is one that keeps on giving!

If you’re looking for a total aesthetic overhaul of your business, consult Melia today! Our incredible marketing and design skills can give you and your business the upper-hand to start standing heads and shoulders above the competition!


When it comes to branding, many companies may not be aware of the importance of a cohesive aesthetic vision. All too often, companies will call it a day at the simple creation of a logo, or a font, or any other minor attribute of what a typically publicity firm would call “branding”. Thankfully, for those in the Christchurch area who could use a hand when it comes to understanding everything that “branding” can possibly entail, we’re here to help! With plenty of experience in digital marketing, Melia has plenty of insider secrets that we’re dying to share.

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