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Are you a clinic owner worrying about how competitive the market is getting? Here’s how you can stay ahead all these clinics on every corner?

My name is Gareth Melia and I help clinic owners get high-value customers/patients using my predictable client system.

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As a clinic owner, you may experience an unsettling feeling that one day, your customers may suddenly stop booking. You don’t like this hunch but you can’t help feel its intuitiveness and this keeps you at unease. This forewarning, although unsettling, and it may even keep you up at night, is trying to warn you. Just because you can’t put a finger on it, doesn’t mean it’s not valid.


Have you ever thought about the sheer amount of money you are missing out on due to your lack of action? Look, it’s not your fault, so don’t beat yourself up. The right opportunity hasn’t come up perhaps. But seriously, you don’t want to be that person that fails to grasp at the chance at earning thousands that should be yours. Life is all about ‘cause’ and ‘effect,’ it’s a natural law. When you refuse an opportunity, your future is affected in ways you can not imagine, but luckily this law is not prejudiced, and it works both ways.


I know this might sound derogative but I know what’s coming. The generation that is finishing school now has been raised on the internet and are forecasted by experts to dominate not just online but also in local businesses with their online skills. It is essential for businesses to get ahead before these emerging millennial entrepreneurs get their roots in. I am telling you right now, clinic’s that don’t embrace and excel with online marketing will be out of business in 5 – 7 years. Mark my words.


Look, I’m an optimist but a realist at the same time. This is coming whether a person denies it or not. Lucky for you, the solution is right in front of you. What you about to find out is a scientific approach using systems that were refined by a result-driven formula that has helped cosmetic clinics and practices increase sales by 3-5X a month and this is not uncommon. We have done it for so many clinic’s now, it has become the norm.


Imagine these clinic owners never have to worries about customers booking in. They say they sleep peacefully knowing they have an income that supports their livelihoods and ensure the best possible life for the family. This personally gives me the chills. The good warm, self-assured chills.


This system has given clinic owners the freedom to stand back and be less hands-on so they can spend quality time with their family and the people who matter. Others have been more affirmative and decided to go big, expanding the clinic to multiple locations and hiring more staff. It really depends on the owner and what they want to do but one thing is for sure, they have options and options are a beautiful thing.


Imagine, you wake up every morning comforted that your clinic has customers coming in repeatedly on autopilot. No more worries or efforts in acquiring the most essential part of any business. You have the freedom to take trips, enjoying places only seen on Instagram,  confident in your business whilst absent. You can provide for your kids as they grow and are prepared for any situation this hectic world throws their ways. You can have all the material things you desire but nothing can buy the feeling of security in every sense, you receive, as a byproduct of working with us. This story is not a dream, this is life for over 10 cosmetic clinic owners that partner with us.