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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) in layman understanding is revamping your website to get maximum internet traffic or clicks when someone searches for your product/service on the internet. In order to make sales, it is imperative to draw as much attention in terms of traffic to your website. We, at Melia Marketing, enable this via our well-researched SEO optimisation process.

The SEO of a brand needs to have a strategic approach. Here is the process we follow:

Product, Objective & Target Market: Our meticulously crafted process to amplify your websites reach, starts with a dedicated team being involved in in-depth market research and activities like competitive analysis to understand what your competitors are doing. The branding team delves into your business goal or objective and chalks a sustainable plan for target achievement. The first step is to define the target audience to be able to develop brand elements like website layout, logo designing, social media handles, content strategy etc to establish brand identity. The clarity in thought and communication will enable your website to be your customers choice over and above your competitors resulting in more traffic.

On Page SEO: Once the foundation of the brand is laid, we have SEO experts on our team that start with the main process of SEO. In-depth keyword research and the implementation of all webpages takes place. Content is structured as per brand guidelines and technicalities like H1,H2 headings on all pages, correct tagging of images (alt titles), proper meta tags and meta descriptions, creating an in-house blog for the brand, video playback and file sizes are checked. Over and above the mentioned activities, we keep evolving our SEO guidelines according to Google’s algorithmic changes to deliver the best results possible for your brand to ensure that it beats the competition on Google search results.

Off – Page SEO: Once the website is thoroughly optimised, to begin with, we establish your brand’s presence on other platforms throughout the web. Off-page SEO activations imply creating a brand presence on social media channels, obtaining backlinks from other websites, targeting short and long-tail keywords both to amplify traffic on your website, submitting your website’s links on different directories and designing landing pages for different campaigns. This enhances discoverability for your page, thus increasing its traffic.


Follow up SEO Activities:

SEO is an ongoing process, it evolves with search engine and software updates. Once the Off-page and On-page technicalities are met we ensure to keep updating content and follow up on all off and on-page SEO activities that have been implemented. We’d also be proactive in adding new optimisation techniques as and when the updates come. With the help of a dedicated team at Melia Marketing, we provide personalised assistance for all of the above services.


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All brands use budgets worth millions of dollars for their advertising and digital ad purposes. They understand marketing is an investment and the most impactful one at that. This is the attitude that will catapult your business to the first page of Google. With your Search Engine Optimisation done, you can be rest assured to rank organically on Google beating your competitors and emerging on top on search engines. We, at Melia Marketing, ensure this and pave the way for a brighter and more successful future for your company!

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