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Be part of the Local Snack Pack and the first choice of your local customers.

What Is Local SEO?

A considerable portion of online users is looking for local information — businesses in their area that can solve their problems. When they go online, Google takes note of its location and shows relevant businesses near them.

Local SEO makes sure Google recommends your business . By creating a strong local presence online, Local SEO propels you to the top of the results page. There, you’re the first business customers see. And you will likely get their enquiries and earn their business.

In contrast to Organic SEO, Local SEO marketing services make you the popular site in a target location. The result? You get higher foot traffic, more opportunities to sell and a better bottom line.

What Local SEO Does for Your Business

Local SEO is a worthy investment for any business that targets a local customer base. Our specialists help you:


  • Appear on the Google Snack Pack – The Snack Pack is the box that appears at the top of a local results page. It contains everything needed to drive people to call or visit a store: the business name, directions, operating hours, number and more. When you’re up there, you have a huge competitive edge.
  • Generate More Leads and Sales – By fortifying your site, you’ll have more opportunities to make a sale and convert leads. At the end of the day, Local SEO helps you get higher revenues.
  • Be the Local Authority – By creating a strong local presence, you become an authority in your industry. You expand your brand reach, and people will remember your brand.

The Melia Marketing Advantage

We look at the big picture. Our Local SEO experts have short-term goals, but we also consider the health of your site in the long run. Every Local SEO campaign will help establish your brand in the local digital sphere.

We’re results-focused. We have a set of concrete metrics by which we measure success. When we start your campaign, we lock down realistic, time-bound goals.

We’re experienced. Our company has been working with businesses in Christchurch and the rest of NZ for years. We follow best practices in Local SEO, but we ensure we’re ahead of the curve.

SEO process

Our Approach

Our agency follows proven methodologies to achieve Local SEO success.

  1. Local SEO Audit – We begin by uncovering the weaknesses of your site. A Local SEO audit shows areas we can improve upon to  optimise your site fully.
  2. Keyword Research – Our Local SEO analysts conduct extensive keyword research, which reveals the words your customers use to look for your services.
  3. On-Page Strategy – We create an on-page strategy, which makes your site more user-friendly. This includes keyword-rich content, an optimised site structure and more.
  4. Off-Page Strategy – We craft off-page strategies that make your site more authoritative in the eyes of Google. These include building local citations, fortifying your Google My Business page and more.

Our team will gladly explain all these during our strategy session.



Google favours sites that people like. Make your site a customer favourite.

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Schedule your strategy consultation to answer all your Local Search Engine Optimisation questions. Discover the results you can expect from a Melia Marketing campaign.

Local SEO requires dedication and expertise. The good news is you have us on your side.

Schedule your strategy consultation to answer all your Local Search Engine Optimisation questions. Discover the results you can expect from a Melia Marketing campaign.


Can I do Local SEO on my own?

Local SEO requires a steep learning curve because it’s different from Organic SEO. We recommend working with Local SEO experts in Christchurch to save you time and energy and bring a higher chance of success.

Is Local SEO right for my business?

It depends on your market. If you serve the entire NZ or international markets, then Organic SEO is ideal. But if you have a smaller target (city or town), Local SEO is a better fit. Consult our SEO experts to determine what’s best for your brand.

Can Organic SEO substitute a Local SEO campaign?

No. Unlike Organic SEO, Local SEO is bound by a geographic location, which requires a different set of keywords altogether. Moreover, their goals are different; you choose one based on your business goals.

How long will it take for results to appear?

Results depend on the current performance of your site, plus the competitiveness of your industry. We can give you a timeline during our consultation.

Do you serve businesses outside Christchurch?

Yes. Our Local SEO agency is based in Christchurch, but we serve businesses all over New Zealand. We work with brands from various industries, targeting B2B or B2C markets.

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