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How does SEO work?

SEO process

SEO works best if you…

  • Tired of having to convince people to buy (creating the desire)
  • Have a website but not enough customer traffic
  • Know SEO can work but find it confusing to implement
  • Have a great product/service, just need ‘eyes on the prize’
  • Worried about relying too heavily on referrals

What SEO offers you:

  • Quality traffic source, customers actively looking to buy NOW
  • Leveraging Google credibility to boost your sales
  • FREE traffic where all purchases are made
  • Having the most valuable piece of digital real estate online 
  • Confidence knowing you have consistent leads coming in

With a perfect 5-star Google rating. We will exceed your expectation

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What customers had to say

The Old Vicarage

“Melia Marketing has helped us rank on the top of Google and has worked on SEO for us. We have definitely seen an increase in traffic and bums on seats since working with melia marketing. We’re seeing great results from both online marketing and SEO. Very easy and professional to deal with” – Ewan Carr

Owner of The Old Vicarage Restaurant Christchurch

Proarb Canterbury

Gareth was great to work with.  Created a new website for us which was not as part of the deal and at no extra charge. They got us ranking for over 40 keywords within 3 months on Google. We received zero calls from Google before working with Melia Marketing but now get a couple per day.


Landscaping and Gardening Service

Melia marketing built us a website that we really love and have got some great traction with SEO as of late. We are seeing great results from SEO and are ranking for our bets keyword

Having a beautiful website is worthless if no one lands on it. Having consistent, high-quality website traffic is the key to sales and scalability. This is again, on its own is not enough to dominate your market. You need to follow a proven formula. Any marketing agency worth a grain of salt understands that one dimensional approaches to business growth will deliver basis results.

What works right NOW!

1. High-quality traffic source (SEO traffic)

2. Drive traffic to OPTIMISED website

3. Isolate customers pain points

4. Mirror pain points with solutions

5. Position your business as bridge from the current state (pain point) to desired state (post solution)

SEO statistics

Free website rebuild & guarantees eligible with certain SEO packages. Inquiry to see if the offer is applicable to you.

SEO improves the following:

  • Google map listing visibility (super-powerful, call directly from Google search)
  • Improves customer experience
  • Reduces bounce rate
  • Increase conversion rate
  • Increase content on website
  • Build trust with customers
  • And much much more

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