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What is Social Media Marketing?

Many businesses do not fully understand what social media marketing is really about. They have a very simplistic view of social media marketing, which is very Facebook orientated. It is assumed that the company writes and advert in a post and possibly adds a picture, and that is all that is required. That is not a FB ad, that is a post and they’re worlds apart. Yes, Facebook is the 1000 gorilla in the social game with nearly 1.69 billion users active, on average, 5 times per days. As great as Facebook is, it is a beast and without in-depth knowledge on how the platform works, it will swallow you and your budget up. It’s an ever-changing digital landscape where you need to know how it works in 2020 to see a positive ROI.

If you do choose to use Facebook advertising then you will make far better use of your advertising investment if you take advantage of the services of a Facebook ads management company. Before we go on to explain what social media marketing is, let me give you an example of an excellent social media campaign.



Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino

Starbucks has a history of producing very active social media campaigns. This campaign made a significant impact on sales. In April 2017, they launched a campaign to promote their new Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino.

Starbucks began by swamping social media with pictures of the new drink, and a request for readers to show their photos of where they were enjoying one of the distinctive beverages, together with the hashtag #unicornfrappuccino Customers got into this and started posting all sorts of weird and wonderful photos, which were shared because of the hashtag, Starbucks was able to check through the best photos (most striking, most amusing,
etc.) they then shared them, which encouraged others to create even stranger photos.

This $5 beverage was so popular that during the limited time, the drink was available (one week). There were over 180,000 social media posts where customers were engaging with the product online. The drink also led to a quarterly sales increase of 4% In March 2017. Now THAT is a social media campaign.

Which Social Media?

There is much more to using social media than just Facebook. Yes, Facebook & Instagram are best bang for you buck offering incredible targeting capabilities but there are options. Often we target depending on the prospect demographic. For example, the age group of your customers. Some examples of these preference ranges are:-


Facebook: Female 75% | Male 63%
Twitter:      Female 21% | Male 24%
Linkedin:   Female 24% | Male 29%
Pinterest:  Female 42% | Male 15%
SnapChat: Female 24% | Female 24%


Facebook:  51% (13 to 17) | 79% (18 to 29) | 79% (30 to 49) | 68% (50 to 64) | 46% (65+)
Twitter:      32% (13 to 17) | 38% (18 to 29) | 26% (30 to 49) | 17% (50 to 64) | 7% (65+)
LinkedIn:    0% (13 to 17) | 28% (18 to 29) | 37% (30 to 49) | 24% (50 to 64) | 11% (65+)
Pinterest:   0% (13 to 17) | 34% (18 to 29) | 35% (30 to 49) | 27% (50 to 64) | 15% (65+)
SnapChat:  69% (13 to 17) | 62% (18 to 29) | 25% (30 to 49) | 9% (50 to 64) | 3% (65+)
YouTube:    85% (13 to 17) | 91% (18 to 29) : 87% (30 to 49) | 79% (50 to 64) | 38% (65+)

As you can see, Pinterest is much better if your products are aimed at females than males, and there is little point in worrying about Instagram if your regular customers are over 65. Facebook is by far the platform most popular with senior citizens.

Understanding the age groups and genders that frequent different social media platforms is just one of the things that good Social Media consultants will understand. Melia Marketing has extensive knowledge of the numbers involved in social media and can make your efforts really pay off.

It is not just the numbers, and an excellent Social media company will know which platform will more likely have an audience that engages with posts
Do you know which Social media platforms are most popular with the more affluent? Our Social Media Consultant will have access to those statistics and can advise you.

“The first rule of social media is that everything changes all the time. What won’t change is the community’s desire to network.” – Kami Huyse

Using Social Media Marketing Christchurch

At the start of this post, I explained that social media marketing is not really about placing a traditional advert. Social media marketing is about ensuring your customers and potential customers to engage with you. When potential customers engage with you.


Before you go anywhere down the road of creating a plan, you need to create an outline of who your typical customer might be. Is it a Nineteen-year-old female college student living in New Zealand? Or a sixty-five-year-old pensioner living in Australia? The more you can know about them, and the more accurate your campaign will be.

What are your goals?

Some businesses will use social media for increasing brand awareness, and others use social media for driving traffic towards a website. Social media can also help with user engagement around your brand. Yet others will concentrate on creating a community and support center for your company.

Which Platform is Right for You?

We have already mentioned Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Snapchat, and Youtube. These are actually just a few of the platforms available. Facebook, Instagram & YouTube are the best bang for the buck that provide outstanding targeting capabilities.

What Type of Content?

What type of content is most likely to be appealing to your particular audience?

• A Link
• An Article
• A Video
• A Photo
• A competition

Is the material going to be something that educates about your product or entertains?

How often are you going to post?

Different types of Social media are used less frequently than others. There is no point in posting three times a day if your users only log on once.


FaceBook: Several times a day 51% | Once a day: 23% | Less often 26%
Instagram Several times a day 42% | Once a day: 21% | Less often 37%
Snapchat Several times a day 46% | Once a day 15% | Less often 39%
YouTube: Several times a day 32% | Once a day 19% | Less often 49%
Twitter: Several times a day 25% | Once a day 17% | Less often 58%

I could go on and explain more about planning and executing a Social Media Campaign but it would never end. Still, I hope from what I have published; you can see that a scientifically designed campaign produced by a social media marketing professional is going to turn a mediocre social media campaign into one with a far greater chance of going viral.

Contact Melia Marketing for a chat about how we can help you with your social marketing. Gareth is a whizz in this particular area.

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